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Looking for someone to jump on board? You can hire me for a particular task; be it writing, editing, directing, etc.

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Need to develop an idea? If you have seeds that need watering, you can bring these to me and I'll provide greater coherence and nurture the ideas to their full potential. First one is free!

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Need something from conception to fruition and final delivery? Got that too! We can storm somethin' up, assemble a team of talented professionals and create content tailored to your needs.


Carl Sagan

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe"


Crystal Lee Naomi

BOTH. VIDEOS. LOOK. AMAZING! TRULY! I'm in LOVE with both! You did an amazing job Julen! I was already in love with the visuals and because you're obviously talented, you took this project up to the next level of awesome! Thank you for your professionalism, passion, creativity, vision, attention to detail, and belief in this project. I know it was all those great qualities of yours that made this edit, and therefore this project, a larger than life commercial.

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