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Welcome to my Creative Bureau!

Hi, my name is Julen! I'm a professional, interdisciplinary artist with over 10 years of experience in Audio-Visual Content Production.


I have a background in Film Production, Directing, Creative Writing, Video Editing, Songwriting, Performing Arts and VFX. This has given me a deeper understanding of the variety of workflows within multiple departments, which in turn has broadened my "vocabulary", allowing me to offer you a wider range of solutions. 


Think of me as your missing teammate — your creative ally! I want to help you by facilitating the tools/services/skills needed to bring your vision to life.


I’m interested in understanding you and your needs as clearly as I possibly can, in order to provide the best results! So don't be shy, send me a message to get started!

I look forward to working with you :)

About: Bio
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Explore another facet of my creative journey at 'Julen the Human', where I delve into topics of self-knowledge and the art of creative living through engaging videos and thought-provoking blogs!


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