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Concept Creation

Whether it’s through video, audio or stills, it all starts with an idea. Together, we can figure out the key points you wish to convey, then come up with and develop a creative blueprint tailored to your needs.



If you already have some seeds that need watering, you can bring these to me and I’ll give the ideas greater coherence and nurture them to their full potential.

Video Production

I offer services that range from Directing an existing concept to Event Coverage, Live Sessions — I will also produce a project from start to finish, this includes Promotional Videos, Music Videos, Social Media Ads and UGC videos.

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Video Editing


Need to piece somethin’ together?

If you already shot the content and need to finish stitching it together, I can help wrap things up and fashion the pro edit you need!

I will edit;

  • Commercials

  • Social Media Content

  • Youtube Videos

  • Short Ads

  • Music Videos

  • Short Films

Services: Services
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