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More About Moi

By virtue of random, cosmic causality, I had the incredible fortune to have been born into a family of loving artists who gave me the time and space to explore and expand my creativity from early on. I’ve always had a fascination with storytelling and a sort of addiction with engaging an audience. I taught myself how to film and edit at a young age and have been making videos ever since. Likewise, I taught myself to play a variety of musical instruments. To my estimation, rhythm is everywhere — in fact, it's everything. It's life. It is in the dynamic interplay between silence and beats that meaning emerges. 


After studying film in Vancouver, I let my curiosity lead the way as I began to learn and experiment with different tools, software and techniques which would in turn open doors to new ideas and further experimentation. As my inventory of equipment and software increased, I began to write and produce a number of personal projects, each providing invaluable lessons and insights. Eventually I started to attract clients for whom I developed and carried out ideas which I would consequently write, direct, shoot and edit — presenting their brands and products in a variety of creative ways. Using creative energy in the service of others. 

At the heart of my artistic endeavors lies my overarching goal: mastering the art of communication. There is nothing more exhilarating to me than distilling the human experience and manifesting the intangible into the physical world. I am deeply committed to deepening connections and creating a tangible impact through my work. With every creative endeavor, I strive to expand our collective understanding of ourselves and one another, fostering profound connections that transcend boundaries.

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